Sicario 2: Soldado · A Breathless Trip

What a cast! What tension!  The movie has been a true roller coaster to my physiological reactions – see the heart rate graph below.

Although Stefano Sollima‘s intention on this thriller could be falsely interpreted as a blueprint of Trumpism, I definitely tend to focus on the fine balance portraying gangsters and government people, both lacking moral and ethics. Sicario 2: Soldado has a slender structure and straightforward plot, but this elevates the film. Josh Brolin‘s soldier is the incarnation of the requested person: he simply is the men for the moment when things are about to get dirty. We’ve seen plenty of those soldiers trapped by military authority in various movies, but this is Josh Brolin. The intensity between Benicio del Toro‘s character and the gangster’s daughter is so precise and unostentatious. This works so well in contrast with those scenes with big action and brutality.

There is no such thing as surgical warfare, especially when driven by doubtful politicians and based on assumptions rather than facts.

Ma heart rate while watching Sicario 2.

You can read a full positive review of Peter Bradshaw at “The Guardian” or a skeptical one of Paul Simon at “Die Zeit” (German).