It · a short User Experience

I am happy to share a movie pulse of the faithful user G.R. from Brazil [Thank’s!]. I haven’t seen the movie “It” of Andy Muschietti myself. I probably never will, because I am not a “Horror-Type”. G.R. described shortly his experience as follows:

  • he had high expectations beforehand
  • the movie did not fulfill these prospects

The timeline offers a dramatic change, which really depicts the excitement the user had have at the beginning. Although the pulse decreases dramatically in the long run, it stabilizes after 1/2 h, followed by a very good development afterwards. A very high, long and spectacular peak around 1 hour and a nice intermittent performance up- and downwards in the 2nd half of the movie triggered the user.

A correlation of the users heart rate and his not fulfilled expectations can probably be found in the overall decreasing moving average. Again it would be so interesting to compare this single result with other records.

Your Movie Pulse is always welcome and will be inspected anonymously! [Mail me]

It · a user record
“It” 2017 by Andy Muschietti · a single user record