Movie Pulse at the iPhone X and Apple Watch

Version 1.6 optimized for iPhone X

The cutting-edge companion of your emotionally moving cinema visits has become a (minor) update. I fixed some layout issues of larger devices and made the app working properly with the iPhone X.

  • Adopted additional screen sizes, including iPhone X
  • Fixed a layout issue of the movie poster on some devices
  • Improved graph drawing in the movie list

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Version 1.5.1 · Good News

Simple and short: Movie Pulse version 1.5.1 comes with the goodies of 1.5 but without the ugly bug causing the improper graph. So enjoy, heart rate is sampled at a regular interval…

Graph with regular samples

A short reminder of the recent improvements:

  • Recording your heart rate while watching a movie will no longer affect your activity rings!
  • Individual records will now no longer be sent to the Watch multiple times.
  • Search with Open Movie Database (OMDb) requires this update.

Feel free to suggest features or report malfunctions under Support.

Activity rings are no longer affected!

Version 1.5 eliminates two bugs – but a new one showed up

Two bugs bothered myself for a long time:

Recording your heart rate with Movie Pulse will no longer affect your activity rings! Finally! It has been tricky but simple at the end. Thanks to the users who urged me to focus on this . It has been a malfunction which Apple Watch users don’t like: mess their workouts and calories. One sentence as an excuse: Many apps faced this problem and even Cardiogram just recently removed it with an update.

At second, records will now no longer be sent to the Watch multiple times. It has been thought as a security net, not to loose data, but … I implemented it the wrong way. Until now!

Besides this, implementing Open Movie Database required an update to get access to their movie entries (for which I pay a monthly donation btw.) So, all users of Movie Pulse must update to version 1.5 to specify their recorded movies via OMDb! Otherwise the search for a movie title will fail.

In case something else goes wrong, please leave a comment, send me a mail or use the bug report below.

Sadly enough: new bug found

While I am writing this post, it seems the update has not only eliminated bugs: a new one arrived. The recorded heart rate will now and then be sampled at an unpredictable frequency, causing hilarious curves. I’m afraid version 1.5 is somehow useless at present. Sorry, but I will do further investigation.

Example of wrong recorded heart rate: "Pirates of the Caribbean 5"
Wrong heart rate samples: “Pirates of the Caribbean 5”