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Join Movie Pulse – just share your records

You are probably here, because you recently found Movie Pulse at the web, Facebook or at the iTunes App Store. Hopefully, you are a cinephile person. This is 50% of what’s needed to have fun with this app. The other 50%: you are using iOS and (this is the main obstacle) you must own or have access to an Apple Watch.

Sorry, please stop complaining. I tell you why.

I am a single person, a designer obsessed by movies. And I teach students the use, burden and cool things about media. One topic is film analysis. It’s about the act of learning what do we see, how do we see, read or feel it. And how great masters of cinema history make us become part of the story, make us being immersed.

In short, I developed this app Movie Pulse myself to visualize emotional reactions while watching a movie (preferably at a movie theatre). The iOS app Movie Pulse records your heart rate while you are watching a movie at the cinema. A psychologist and me, we examined recordings of sessions we had conducted with our students. The analysis will still take a while, but you can read about the intermediate results here.

Graph with regular samples
A plain heart rate record would look like this
It · a user record
A user record by Movie Pulse looks like this · “It” 2017 by Andy Muschietti

Take it for free, but share the results

I am interested to see your results, those of the cinephile or movie obsessed users and want to see looooooooots of graphs of any genre. So people can compare and discuss the differences and similarities by themselves. This is the reason I no longer charge for this app. It is available for free at the Apple App Store. Enjoy.

Movie Pulse is the only film tool offering you a timeline with your emotional reactions! Your physiological body reactions are the most objective sources.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see these records clustered? Send your graphs along with a personal note, state what you liked or disliked. I won’t mention your name, just initials and the country of origin. Therefore I politely ask you to send your graphs either:

  • by e-Mail,
  • offering a URL to pin the graphs at Movie Pulse Pinterest board or
  • you can even post them on Movie Pulse Facebook page yourself.

Feel free to place your recorded graphs anywhere on the internet, just mention the app. So others have the chance to use the app for their personal analysis.

Some additional information you might need, bundled at the end for your convenience:

May the pulse be with you.
Yours, Heizo Schulze