Are you interested how forms of positive stress are triggered within a movie? Movie Pulse identifies those moments through temporal measuring your heart rate. A movie timeline with a graph is depicting the high and low moments in a 30 minutes interval.

Please note before you buy this app:
a paired Apple Watch is strongly required!

So, inspect the timeline – see when you’ve got emotionally pleased or upset. This is a neat starting point with your friends. And you might compare your timelines if you have seen and recorded the same movie.

Lets’ have a look at my graph – watching “Spectre”:

James Bond 007 - Spectre · Sam Mendes · 2015
James Bond 007 – Spectre · Sam Mendes · 2015

Green: my pulse went below the cumulated average – less excited
Red: my pulse went above the cumulated average – more excited
Average line: this aggregates an overall trend line – going up or down be my “involvement”.

You clearly see the impact of the helicopter scene at the beginning and guess what raised the peak at the end… But you can even see some areas of large green deltas, where my pulse went near resting pace – I remember that I felt “the length”. The trend line raises until 1:30, but then it get’s lower, regardless of the torture peak.

I am not really able to post a theory on how heart rate is influenced by a plot, but I am quite sure that there is more than being afraid by seeing torture, seeing action or horror. I am so curious watching movies of all genres and see how green, red and trend line evolves!