I have to admit that I am currently running out of time for watching movies. But a friend helped me out with an impressive movie pulse of “Room” by the Irish Filmmaker Lenny Abrahamson. Brie Larson won the Oscar for her Joy “Ma” Newsome character.

“Room” by Lars Abrahamson, 2015

See by yourself: this is a awesome steady increase- I have never seen something like this before.

I am so curious what kind of story caused this almost symmetrical climax?

My habits on movies are quite special: I avoid to know anything beforehand and just mark a movie “worth watching”, after I picked something here and there. I’m quite sure I will still find a cinema in Berlin playing this movie, it’s on top of my list now!  I won’t even watch the trailer – you may…

Consider sending me your movie pulse after watching this (or any other) movie, since the fun part is comparing.

“Room” by Lenny Abrahamson, Trailer

Another Inspiration for the Project and the Logo

This movie might be “THE” visual expression what this project “Movie Pulse” is all about – movies have a straight entry point to our emotions: our eyes.
I visited the interfilm festival in Berlin in 2014 and have seen “Par desmit minutem vacates” (engl. “Ten minutes older”) by Herz Frank. This is just an excerpt, because I assume you’re not in a cinema-like surrounding. It’s an audience of almost only children, seeing a movie or theater play (no one really knows, my research told me). Their expressions are so intense and change from one emotion to another in fractions of time. This experience can only be achieved in a cinema/theater, in my honest opinion.

If you know what those children see – please tell me. You can read more about the movie, Neil McGlone wrote an article about it at cinemaofchildhood.

And there was a full length feature movie which inspired me as well.

At the end those little pieces – seen a picture here, watched a movie there and reading various sources are the components for making a decision to build an app like that.

Victoria · Sebastian Schipper · 2015

The movie which gave me the kick

The idea for this app has been kept, stored in notes, put aside. Summer came, summer left. Another app needed an update, illness, laptop stolen, such things.

Then something happened to me: I saw a movie which got hyped all over Europe. Exaggeration, words of praise, few of blame. In such times I tend to avoid those movies. At least I try not to read and hear about it. I managed it.

And the I saw “Victoria” – spontaneous, unprepared and unspoiled. It worked, I went with those naiv adolescent night strollers in realtime without editing through their story. And I promise: I am sure, my heart beat never ever run that fast.

I knew instantly: drop everything else, make Movie Pulse work!

Thank you so much, Sebastian Schipper, for directing this fine piece of film history.

Victoria · Sebastian Schipper · 2015
Victoria · Sebastian Schipper · 2015

One note of watching movies and measuring heart rates in parallel: too bad – this will work in such intensity only the first time…