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I am a freelance designer fascinated by movies and apps as well. I teach audiovisual media at a German University in Lemgo and I am a member of the Center of Music and Film Informatics in Detmold.

I combined my interests in making an app for identifying the use of film sets of movies [setscene] and an app which tries to display time in a square format [Grid Clock]. Just that you know: I know that both apps need an update – I will have time for those after making my last baby walk: [Movie Pulse].

After I watched the movie “Victoria” made by Sebastian Schipper, which made almost my heart go boom and my boys [5 and 7 years] told me that my Apple Watch is kinda cool – I was eager to make a useful app for this device. The result is this app. I do not know yet how to evaluate precisely the results displayed as graphs – but it might be a good starting point to understand those moments we probably have in common while being fascinated by a movie. Let’s see.

The Author
Heizo Schulze

Photo by Robert Maciejewski · Instinct Art

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