“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” · Lecture Record #3

This has been the most “shocking” movie for my students so far. At least three of them could not stand it’s b-movieish style, story and characters. But most of them watched it completely and some of them had have fun. But I assume this has been the minority. The concept of the movie will not work nowadays: to board a loved genre of the former generation (musical) and to whisk contemporary no-no’s, controversial moral issues and sexual frankness into a hym of individuality. My subjective appraisal on this consists of two motivations: 1st – this is not their music, therefore it’s just another musical for them; 2nd – society tends to prefer conservative ideas at present, even the younger are part of this trend. The sexual individuality and freedom of personal choice is still not guaranteed – even 41 years! after RHPS has been released.

We still have not achieved absolute pleasure.

Little Conformity

Although this is still not a valid test scenario in terms of quantity – I’d like to apply the former developed strategies for data comparison to this little data set again. This will help to achieve a valid outcome on a later larger scale of study volunteers.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show · Amount of aberration
The amount of aberration has been quite massive (light grey) and the less than average aberration little (dark grey)

Compared to former records this movie has raised very divers reactions and a small amount of similar tendencies. Just to recall: high values of the light grey depict regions where the subjects tend to have no comparable heart rate. The dark grey regions show the time spans of more similar reactions.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show · Accordance of 100%
Accordance of 100% percentage in red, calculated average in grey.

The absolute identical reactions of alle participants in terms of above or below the base line therefore have been very short and few (8,9 %).

Majority will make the Difference

The Rocky Horror Picture Show · Accordance of majority
The accordance of the majority (3 out of 5) compared with 100% accordance (black)

Five participants can have a majority of 60%. So 3 out of 5 show more similar reactions in high pulse (red) and low pulse (green). The 100% accordance is included in black, since this is a subset of the majority calculation.

Gender Comparison

The Rocky Horror Picture Show · Comparison of gender accordance
Comparison of gender accordance (male blue and female orange)

This comparison is new – almost new. I used it in “The Angry Birds Movie” to differentiate between the parent and the children reactions. I will make this a standard comparison: building subset groups of the study volunteers – the most obvious is gender. As long as we will have a fifty-fifty arrangement. And of course: this is only a valid result, if based on a relevant group size. Having 2 female and 3 male will not really suffice. But for building the tool set, we’ll use it for now. 54,4% of the female and only 28,7% of the male have had identical reactions within their group.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show · Gender difference and accordance
Accordance of all study volunteers (green) and regions where female and male reacted differently compared to the other gender (red)

This will improve the depicting of the differences for sub group comparison: you can easily compare the green amount of the movie, which caused similar reactions on all participants (8,9 %), with the amount of differences between the two groups: red shows the parts (51,7%) where female and male reacted similar within their own group (sex), but different to the other gender.


The video depicts again the average threshold of the majority (60% this time) – the image becomes tinted in green and red. To make this work more obvious I have destained the movie beforehand. Additionally the 100% subset of all four test users has been included as well. To distinguish both data visually, a hint for the 100% subset has been added in white. If one image shows a white frame: this means all viewers have reacted the same way, not only the majority. The graph below the timeline shows this subset in white as well.

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