“Eddie the Eagle”

To state the two most important things first: you probably will not share the empathy I have towards this movie as long as you have no children yourself. At second: I almost ruined the recording by operating my own app in a wrong way, which humiliates me of course.

I will describe the problem in another post. This movie review is affected by this fact in the type of visual representation of the recorded graph. This time I can not refer to the nice average analysis which displays calm regions in green and exciting areas in red. I could rescue the raw data, at least.

So this time the graph is build from scratch and the rules to identify specific regions differ.

What is important to know before watching this movie: this is based on a real character and real events. Usually I prefer not to know anything of the story of the movie. But this time it is so important to know that Eddie Edwards is based on Michael Edwards who represented Great Britain at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. He was the first ski jumper for his country since the year 1929. I knew that. In fact I remember the Olympics of 1988 only because of him. He has been the incarnation of an underdog.

But this has been a long time ago. As I watched the movie I found myself in doubt. Could the real person have been that clumsy? So naive? So determined and dauntless? I even asked myself: How could this happen in real life? But he has been there – I’ve seen him on TV. He was THE story of Winter Olympics 1988. Not to mention the contribution of the president at the closing ceremony: “At these Games, some competitors have won gold, some have broken records, and some of you have even soared like an eagle.

If you don’t know much about the fact that Taron Egerton’s Eddie is based on Michael Edwards you may tent to find him overacting for the first 30 minutes or so. And this movie of course is based on a character and a real story. The writers and the director have used their fictional freedom and in order to compete with the real background, they are not subtile. Not at all.

This movie’s dramaturgy is like fish wrapped in a newspaper. We are aware: the ink might be unhealthy, but fish has been wrapped like this for decades. And finally the fish is delicious.

After struggling with the characterization of Eddie for 30 minutes I have been unable to defend my emotions: this movie made me cry. Despite the obvious ingredients of building a plot with a hero (aim, obstacles, turning points, mentor etc.) – combined with the backstory, I have simply been overrun. As I try to understand why, I came up with the identification I had. Probably my empathy was driven by the parents perspective: having such a encouraged and untalented child the same time. And all doubts finally being proved wrong.

This time red marks the timespan with higher dynamic of the heart rate, green the area of less change.
Exceptional graph: red marks the timespan with higher dynamic of the heart rate, green the area of less change.

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