“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

This is an obvious kind of movie for affecting the heart rate of the audience. It is another DC variation and it is a Zack Snyder movie. I haven’t had in mind those kind of movies at first hand while developing Movie Pulse. But hey, it is OK. Let’s have a look at this less subtile action movie. Far beyond subtile. Did I mention Zack Snyder?

I don’t want to be part of the bashing, so I hesitate to discuss the ethics of superheroes and just want to state three things.

First: I had have a spectacular time (2:25) in terms of spectacle and time. Honestly.
Second: I really didn’t get why Batman has been ill-disposed towards Superman.
Third: Kabooom!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice · Zack Snyder · 2016
Batman v Superman · Zack Snyder · 2016

I really enjoyed the first half hour of this movie: Zack Snyder played quite brilliant with giving the viewer small pieces of information. This is probably the reason my pulse has such a remarkable raise at the beginning. But by the time I recap: this might be subjective, because Kaboom! has been there as well. And did I mention Hans Zimmer? What a workaholic.

The graph is obviously a remarkable steady increase with few to no times to rest. Discussing this and the peaks add up if compared to other user records.

So, Kabooom anyone?

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