“Zootopia” seen by a 6 year old

Convincing my 6 year old son to wear my Apple Watch is easy, because he and his brother love it, but it has been a challenge to get it properly mounted at his arm. The mother has not been around and he did not yet know what Gaffa-Tape stands for.

My sons have seen the trailer with Flash over and over again. And finally here we are, in “Zootopia”. I had have no big expectations and seeing the trailer so many times changed my mood from “this must be funny” to “I got it”. Once more now I am so thankful not to have seen anything else of the film – letting me know the identity of Mr. Big, among so many other surprises, would have spoiled the enjoyment. We burst out laughing  so many times.

At the other hand both of my sons are not yet very familiar with suspense and drama. And seeing the world of movies through the eyes of a 6 year old, will definitely change your perspective on cinema. I remember proudly presenting them “An American Tail” aka “Feivel, der Mauswanderer” as a funny animated highlight. After 7 Minutes or so I had to stop the movie because I had forgotten it starts with a genocide – mouses are convicted by cats and their homes are looted and burned.

My sons recording of "Zootopia", unfortunately the middle part has not been recorded. But it's still a valid source for comparison.
My sons recording unfortunately misses the middle part and is much shorter, since we dropped the credits.

So fear and getting the creeps has been part of “Zootopia” as well, in terms of my sons. The younger told me, tho older won’t tell, but silently gives consent. These reactions can clearly be identified by the large red areas and the constantly increasing heart rate at the whole length of the movie. Too bad that we had somehow a silent part in the middle – probably having the watch not that properly attached. I planned not to use this recording because of the missing middle part – until Alexander, a student of mine, has send his result of the same movie.

If you look at both graphs independently, you would not identify any resemblance at first glance.

The original Movie Pulse of Alexanders visit.
The original Movie Pulse of Alexanders visit. He had watched the movie with complete credits.

He started at the studio fanfare of Disney as we did, but he waited until the very end of the credits. We left at the beginning of them, what explains the different lengths. So I made an overlay and repositioned the graphs with the 1/2 hour scale units to properly match in time. The heart rates are so different concerning the trend line, but while trying to find similarities on comparing red and green areas, I discovered that some of the peaks every 1/2 hour are very close together. One is exactly at the same minute, one differs only a single minute and two are at least only two minutes apart.

These two recordings bear strong resemblance – probably by chance. I am more and more motivated and curious to compare a bigger quantity of Movie Pulses of the same movie.

Astonishing similarities in heart rate while watching "Zootopia" by a 6 and a 25+ year old
“Zootopia” watched by a 6 year old and a young man in the twenties produced great similarities at the high and low peaks.

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