Spoiler alarm. I can’t write about this movie without referring to it’s, let’s call it – events. It’s not only weapons fired in this movie – the amount of verbal ammunition is by far greater than the number of bullets. In fact the overpaid honk of director, sorry I just cite Tim Millers own film, decided to let Deadpool forget his jam-packed bag of arms in a Taxi. And I am talking about the showdown here.

What happened until then? What did I see? Yes, I laughed in movie which left me clueless.

Deadpools lines sound continuously like to eavesdrop at the locker room in a muscle factory. The male of course. This is tiring an funny at the same time. It comes to great moments of comedy having Deadpool acting with ordinary people which are somehow respected by him, like the taxi driver who drives him not only to the showdown – he already started to get to know Deadpool with us in the beginning, or the old blind! and black lady giving him shelter.

Besides the taxi driver and the blind lady – the opening credits I liked most!

Having Deadpool with it’s opponents is unfortunately cliché and predictable –Ed Skrein is completely the wrong cast for a leader of the somewhat called institution IMHO. Although Tim Miller from time to time let Deadpool dismiss the movie he’s in, but this drowns in the volley of words.

Ryan Reynolds character is so over the top, already before his mutation, so I could not feel with him. But of course, this is the wrong movie looking for feelings.

Looking now at my Movie Pulse, I discover having a hesitating first 1/2 hour, but then it seems like I somehow accompany the hero. I would doubt that “emotionally involved” is suitable here, the movie is full of brutality, albeit exaggerated killing and injuring. This probably explains the larger chunks of red sic! areas in the 2nd and 3rd 1/2 hour. And a boring end with characters so obviously introduced at the beginning – to have some help to bring that to an end. Again – would be interesting having another Movie Pulse to compare with…

Deadpool · Tim Miller · 2016
Deadpool · Tim Miller · 2016

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