“Der Bunker”

This is one of those movies people may fear you or are in doubt of your authority after you recommended it. So, I am quite sure only a fraction of the readers are ready for this disturbing, weird and funny film of Nikias Chryssos: an Oedipus complex situated in a claustrophobic setting with a wackily beautiful (tiny) ensemble and a plot which assumes you are spectacular open minded if you enter the cinema.

The line I loved most: “Genug gelacht für heute.” I doubt I am able to translate this properly. The father performs a ritual to read (questionable) jokes to his small family, leaving us and the student stranded: what got we into?

It’s neither a comedy nor a horror movie, although it deals freely with elements of both. I suppose my gentle attitude mainly results from the characters who are particularly picturesque and grotesque the same time: David Scheller as father, Oona von Maydell as mother, Daniel Fripan as son and Pit Bukowski as a student seeking for tranquility for his research in this isolated home (a ground bunker in the middle of a wood).

Der Bunker · Nikias Chryssos · 2015
The whole ensemble · Der Bunker · Nikias Chryssos · 2015

You got it: I liked this movie and you are warned to watch it. But at last let’s have a look at the movie pulse, because this is mainly my intension: recording and reading the movie pulses of various kinds of movies, to find comprehensive results interpreting those heart rates.

One must not be a mathematician to see two facts:

  1. the trend line has one steady direction: slightly upwards until the end
  2. the amount of raised periods is larger than those of the calm ones

These findings correspond with the subjective impression I had while I watched the movie: This is all so weird, unexpected and bemusing – what do we see next and how will this come to an end? I even can explain the large green area after the last red peak around 1:12 : O.K. now we are back in a kind of normal plot, it’s about friendship and role reversal. I do hope no to spoil the end – with which I was not satisfied with, because of my raised expectations.

Der Bunker · Nikias Chryssos · 2015
Der Bunker · Nikias Chryssos · 2015

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