“The Hateful Eight”

I have been persuaded by friends of mine – this movie was not my choice. The trailer already gave me the feeling that this would be a long and boring time in cinema. And I should go with my instincts.

But after having recently so many movies I was fond of – I have to admit it was somehow curiosity. If things go that bad: How will the Movie Pulse look like, of a film I don’t like? According to my feelings I went near sleeping pulse after the opulent and impressive introduction of the characters and the setting. Only the visuals by Robert Richardson kept my attention, I was basically trying not to be disturbed by the loose tongues of the cast. I slightly had the impression having a bath tube shape of heart rate: great expectations, low outcome in the middle and an effectuated raise at the end.

Btw. What did Tarantino say to Tim Roth? Look at Christoph Waltz characters in my recent movies and copy what you like? But please don’t be that good?

If we now have a look at the graph, one must say I was somehow wrong, but not completely. There is a longer increase time at the beginning, a longer decrease time at the end and you can see the valley in the middle, which is not that extraordinary as expected. But the “waves”, the trend line my heart rate performs, could be interpreted as turning points: having a raise until approx. 0:47 – then going down until 1:30 to catch my attention up to 2:20. The “Schlachteplatte” at the end could not attract interest for the rest of the movie. 2 hours and about 45 minutes of my lifetime I could have spend with movies which really matter. Again: the DOP helped making this bearable.

This is a single, subjective and yes, prejudiced interpretation, which points out the future of Movie Pulse: there must be a solution to anonymously compare graphs of other people which have seen the same movie. A solution to render an average graph of multiple sources and compare your own with that.

How would a Tarantino enthusiast’s graph look like, in opposite?

Heart rate of the movie "The Hateful Eight" by Quentin Tarantino · 2015
The Hateful Eight · Quentin Tarantino · 2015

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