“The Big Short”

Do we have a collective amnesia? No, we have Adam McKay! I am a little bit surprised by having this movie now: another time, almost another generation and probably other major problems. Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley – name it – and the years 2007/08 is an incident we have to keep in mind. And never forget: who really knows if the problems are solved? Banks are about to establish new products, which are almost identical to those causing the crisis.

McKay made an entertaining and enlightening movie out of the dry and complicated context.

The movie is so “wow” because the characters, based on real persons and events, are a bunch of strange anti-heroes whom we follow willingly en route to disaster. The movie has its own intelligent style to deal with facts we have to understand. Besides the remarkable Christian Bale playing Michael Burry, I was astonished by loving the character I hated most at his first appearance: Steve Carell’s insane hedge funds manager Mark Baum.

It’s no surprise seeing my heart rate slowly but constantly moving upwards.

I miss a low and high peak at the first 30 minutes, which might be an app fault. But there is as well a gap of data records at approx. 45 to 55 minutes, which I assume is a non-recording Apple Watch failure. Hopefully this will not occur many times.

This time I am not really able to point out what caused my high and lows, because the movie was so packed with information. But I am quite sure the lowest point at 0:32 is the bath tube champaign scene and one can obvious tell what caused the peak at 1:52, where everything hangs in the balance. McKay closes with the remark that only one person in charge has been prosecuted. Another reason raising my pulse at the very end. A short research on that topic seemed to confirm this as a fact. So, remember.

The Big Short Adam McKay  2015
The Big Short · Adam McKay · 2015


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