I remember seeing a trailer for “Joy” and marking this movie mentally as “definitely worth seeing”. This was some weeks ago and I forgot any information the trailer probably gave me. I remember of course having a grumpy DeNiro in it…

And here I am: in the middle of an american dream – the modern allegory of a fairy tale. The difference is, that those american fairy tales became reality – such as this life of Joy Mangano, a woman who invented the Miracle Mop. A what? Yes, and this is so fantastic! I loved the film very much – seeing ordinary american people struggling with everyday life in pure capitalism. Please read elsewhere about the story, I won’t go any further on this, just “reading” my pulse is exactly how i felt:

Around 1 hour and after my empathy with the female hero was so intense.

But the dark side on this movie is available to find in the graph as well: the end felt so unbelievable wrong. Having a woman that personality now becoming a Joan Collins like character damaged my enjoyment.

Joy · David O. Russell · 2015
Joy · David O. Russell · 2015

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