"The Revenant"

Wow, the use of Movie Pulse seems to offer some surprises. Although me and a colleague have recorded a few pulses, this graph is kind of special. At first: I haven’t read any reviews or plot summaries of “The Revenant” beforehand – which is my preferred cinema experience.

What can I say about the extraordinary first 30 minutes of my pulse? If this app would be an analog TV set, it looks like it needed some force taps. And of course I am not sure if the generated trend line is perfectly calculated in all situations. But one can identify large parts of intensity as well as those of relaxations.

The extreme change of large calm and excited moments is so unique. After the first 30 minutes my pulse gets more comparable to heart rates measured with other movies. But the trend line now reflects my feelings: the emotional tension goes up and up.

What an archaic story! Great movie, great actor. Two things bothered me: The unmotivated water sound, where no water is (especially around/after 2:00) and two of the three cases of breaking the fourth wall: the fogged lenses by DiCaprio’s breath and the bloody snow at one fight scene. Maybe it’s been used to prepare the last look onto us, the audience.

I can’t wait to see the movie pulse of my colleague. We both agreed to watch “The Revenant”.

And how about yours? Would be interesting having more pulses of the same movie. Please send in, we’re not after your personal data, just the anonymous graph while you where watching the same movie.

The Revenant 2016-01-17_22-25
The Revenant · Alejandro G. Iñárritu · 2015

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